Mike McLaughlin

Writing songs, singing, and playing guitar since the late '80s, I started playing local coffee houses and small venues as a drummer with local singer/songwriter Chuck Abel in the mid 90's. His band played a mix of originals, latin, contra and afro pop tunes. I later hooked up with Gerard and Jean Weber playing lead guitar for their acoustic folk duo. That morphed into the country rock band "No Direction" when a we joined with a drummer, bass, and guitarist. That band gave me an opportunity to play some of my originals with a full band. MOJA provides the opportunity for me to share my passion for world and roots music with like minded and talented musicians.


Dave Schwartz

I have drummed in a variety of bands and styles for over 30 years. Starting with classical and jazz, I eventually discovered Led Zeppelin and was hooked.

Before moving to Rochester in 2007, I played in two Ithaca bands: The Cornell University Klezmer Ensemble and Jalamyst.

Besides Moja, you can join me in Drum Circle Of Rochester




Colin Hansford

I started playing as a teen in London during the mid 1960s and was inspired by the ton of talent (and some that became legends) that came through England during that time. Although I still have one foot in the blues, my taste in music has broadened over the years to include many of the styles we now explore with MOJA.

I'm really glad to be back playing again after a huge gap of several decades when I worked and helped bring up a family. MOJA is the ideal platform to experiment with other musical styles and see where we can meet up.


Paul Kurucz

The son of Hungarian immigrants. Born and raised in upstate NY. Have been playing various forms of music for the past 20 years. Started playing bass around 2010 when I joined Moja.

Monroe Village Farmers Market Wednesday September 18th - 4pm

Towpath Cafe - Saturday September 28th - 7pm


Past Shows this year

Crossroads Coffee House - Friday August 23rd

Bread & Water Theater Art Festival - Saturday August 17th

The Gazebo, Corn Hill - Sunday August 11th

Firewall Coffee Hall, Williamson - Saturday August 10th

1872 Cafe - Thursday August 8th - 6:30pm

Monroe Village Farmers Market Wednesday June 31st

Towpath Cafe - Saturday July 6th

1872 Cafe - Thursday June 27th

Firewall Coffee Hall, Williamson - Friday June 14th

Monroe Village Farmers Market Wednesday June 12th

Crossroads Coffee House - Saturday May 25th

Firewall Coffee Hall, Williamson - Saturday May 11th

Bread & Water Theater - Saturday April 13th

Towpath Cafe - Friday April 12th

Firewall Coffee Hall, Williamson - Saturday February 2nd

Crossroads Coffee House - Friday, January 18th


Moja: Swahilli word meaning "ONE"

Our band Moja is an effort to incorporate the musical influences of different cultures into a single unifying sound. The band attempts to weave different influences into our original roots music. Moja is the result of bringing together musicians interested in exploring the musical elements of Celtic, Middle eastern, Indian, African, and Americana music and integrating some of those elements into our original songs and covers.

This is a vision that will hopefully unfold into reality as life permits.

Seeking Members

We are actively looking for additional talent.

Sax / Horn, Fiddle, Accordian, harmony vocalists

Why not come along for a tryout. A desire to play and develop home-grown material and explore many styles of music plus a commitment to rehearse and play gigs in the Rochester area are must-haves.

Contact Mike or Colin to discuss.